Cancellation Polices

  • RV, Cabin, and Tent Cancellation Policy: You can receive a refund of your accommodation price (does not include a refund of processing fees) if you cancel 72 hours prior to arrival. If you cancel later than 72 hours there are no refunds available. There will be a $25 cancellation fee for all cancellations.
  • July 4th Holiday week Cancellation Policy: You can receive a refund of your accommodation price (does not include a refund of processing fees) if you cancel before June 1st., anything after there will be no refunds.  There will be a $25 cancellation fee for all cancellations.
  • Pre-Sturgis and Sturgis Cancellation Policy: You can receive 80% of your accommodation price (does not include a refund of processing fees) if you cancel before June 1st, anything after no refunds. There will be a $25 cancellation fee for all cancellations.

Rules and Policies

  • ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE TIME: Arrival time is 1pm for RVs and Tents; 3pm for Cabins, departure time is 11am for all. Refunds will not be issued for early departure. No exceptions.
  • RATES: Rates are based on 2 guests. There is an additional per night charge of $10 per night for additional guests over the age of 13 years old. (except for the Sturgis Rally dates the price per additional guests is $20 per night)
  • SPEED LIMIT: Speed Limit is 10 MPH for everyone’s safety.
  • GOLF CARTS/REC VEHICLES: All vehicles must be insured.
  • VEHICLES: All vehicles may only be driven on roadways. No parking in empty campsites, a site charge will apply, or vehicle may be towed.
  • RV/Tent Sites: There is a limit of one RV/Camper on RV sites and only one electrical cord plugged into electrical box. Tents are not permitted on RV sites.
  • QUIET TIME: 10pm-7am. Please be considerate of others. No loud music at any time. Quiet time is strictly enforced by on-site security/management.
  • SEWER: Your sewer hose must be fastened at both ends using a connector or a rubber donut. NOTE: In many states, this is required by state or local law.
    Do not run black/or grey water on the ground.
  • CHILDREN: Children under age 13 should ALWAYS be under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian. Children should never be left unattended. We are not responsible for their safety or welfare. You are solely liable for their behavior.
  • PETS: Well-behaved and vaccinated pets are welcome but must be on a leash when outside your vehicle or attended in the designated fenced off-leash pet area. Always clean up after pets. Do not leave pets tethered or in a pen outside when you are absent. No pets other than service animals are allowed in the office or laundry. The owner is responsible for their pets and their actions.
  • TRASH: Trash dumpsters located on property are for personal trash only. Please do not dispose of personal trash from your site in the restroom facility or laundry room. All trash must be bagged and tied. Do not leave trash outside of your RV or tent site. Do not burn trash in fire pits. Sites are to be kept clean & orderly as determined by management.
  • INSURANCE: It is preferred that all RVs be equipped with a surge protector for the protection of both the Park’s property and the property of the guests.
  • LAUNDRY: Please leave the laundry room as you found it. You are responsible for your own property—the park is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. If machines need attention, please notify the manager immediately.
  • CLEANING OF VEHICLES: Washing vehicles in the park is prohibited, however, keeping your RV clean and in good repair is required. If you would like to wash your vehicle, check with the office staff and we can recommend a local car wash.
  • INTERNET: Wi-Fi is offered free of charge with your reservation. If you experience problems with your connection, please let management know; but the park is not responsible for the operations and/or quality of this service.
  • NO FIREWORKS ALLOWED. Use of any open flame device besides grills in public areas, toxic chemicals, or any other hazardous equipment or supplies in the RV Park is prohibited.
  • FIREWOOD: Absolutely no transported (out of state) firewood is permitted. This is required to protect our beautiful flora and fauna. If you would like to build a fire in the fire ring at your site, please purchase a bundle of firewood from the Office.
  • FIRES: Fires in general are permitted unless prohibited by local ordinance when fire danger is present. When lighting a fire, please treat it with respect and extinguish it completely before going to bed. Do not burn trash. Please do not move the fire rings.
  • PARKING: One vehicle per campsite (additional vehicles are permitted for a small fee upon request). Boat/trailer parking is available for a small fee upon request. If the boat/trailer can fit in your site and not extend past the end that will be allowed. Please Park in front or behind your RV.
  • SWIMMING: Swimming on property is at your own risk. We do not have lifeguards on duty. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • ALCOHOL: Alcohol consumption is permitted for all campers over the legal age of 21. When consuming alcohol on property you are liable for your own safety and the safety of others. Do not drive on property (including golf carts or bicycles) after drinking. You are also liable for any destruction caused by you or your party. Please respect your neighbors and limit noise while consuming alcohol.
  • RESPECTING OTHER CAMPSITES: Respect social distancing and please do not cross over occupied camp sites.
  • RESPECTING OTHER CAMPERS: Remember the Golden Rule and treat other campers the way you would like to be treated. Use of hate speech/hateful acts of any kind are absolutely prohibited. Degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity will not be tolerated.
  • DO NOT HANG THINGS FROM TREES/PICNIC TABLES: Please do not tie ropes, chains, or leashes, including tents, clotheslines, etc., around our trees or picnic tables. Hammocks may be allowed with management permission. Ropes would need to be cushioned so as not to directly be in contact with the trees.
  • VISITORS: All visitors should register in the campground office upon arrival.
  • CONDUCT: Disorderly conduct, drunkenness, illegal drugs, obscene language, obnoxious, disruptive, or vulgar behavior will not be tolerated on property.
  • EJECTION: These park rules were created with the health, cleanliness, legality, and welfare of all in mind. Any violations of the rules above are grounds for dismissal from the park.
  • REFUNDS: If for any reason you are asked to leave, or choose to leave early, no refund will be given.
  • Pictures: Please feel free to share any pictures or videos with us on our Facebook or Instagram Page. Any pictures submitted/shared on the Wyatt’s Hideaway Facebook or Instagram Page may be used by the park without permission.
  • The park management will not assist visitors/campers with anything related to camper repairs, camper inspections, backing up campers, backing up tow trailers or vehicles, leveling campers, or any entry into campers. If the management does so, it is as a favor as requested by the guest. Neither the owner/ nor Wyatt’s Hideaway will be held responsible for any damage or injury that might occur.
  • This Park is privately owned, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone as deemed necessary.
  • We do our best to honor specific site requests (on the phone or online) but this does not guarantee it. Changes may have to be made at times without notice.