RV, Cabin, and Tent Cancellation Policy: You can receive a full refund of your booking if you cancel 72 hours prior to arrival. If you cancel later than 72 hours there are no refunds available. There will be a $15 cancellation fee to all cancellations

July 4th Holiday week and Pre-Sturgis & Sturgis Bike rally, have the following exceptions:
> The July 4th holiday week cancellations must be received by June 1st. After June 1st there will be no refunds.  There will be a $15 cancellation fee to all cancellations.

> Pre-Sturgis and Sturgis Cancellation Policy: If you cancel before May 31st, you can get 80% back of the cost, anything after June 1st no refunds. There will be a $15 cancellation fee to all cancellations.

Quiet Hours are between 10 pm until 7 am (except for Fourth of July, Quiet Hours will be between Midnight until 7 am)

All Rates for RV/Tent/Cabins are based on a per-site occupancy of 2 adults and children aged 12 and under, additional adults (age 13 and above) are $10 per person per day.

All Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Trash must be put into Dumpster near the entrance.

No burning trash in Firepits.

Pets are welcome in the campground.

Your pet must be on a leash whenever outside your RV. (A dog park is provided for your use).

You are responsible for picking up pet feces. (Bag dispensers are available).

Pets cannot be left alone outside your RV whenever you are not present at your site.

Only one Electrical Connection plugged in at each site.

Only one RV is allowed per site.

Sites are for one RV and one vehicle.

Support trailers and extra vehicles must fit on the RV pad or be stored in the overflow lot.

Check-in time is 1 P.M. for RV/Tent Sites and 3 P.M for Cabins.

Sites will not be available until the above check-in time.

Check-out time is 11 AM for all sites.

Late check-outs must be approved by management and cannot exceed 1 PM or an additional day may be charged.

Please notify us if you expect to check-in after 8 PM so we can accommodate your late arrival.

Guests may be asked to leave if policies are not followed, no refunds are issued for unused time.